Birthday Cat: the most popular GIFs you want to share

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Birthday Cat

It is your best friend´s birthday today.  Yes, the one that loves cats too.  So you are planning on what is the best gift for her.  You go on an online raid searching for the best gift for this best friend. Then you find a birthday cat!

Ha!  You have just found a selection of tons of birthday cat gifs.  There are so many out there and they are all super fun.

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What is a Birthday Cat gif?

As you already know, cats rule the internet.  So, it comes as no surprise that there is a gif dedicated to them and their birthdays.

Basically, the video is that of a cat whose birthday is being celebrated.  Some of them are unedited videos of people around a cat singing and clapping for their birthday.

Probably one of the funniest things about the gifs is that the cat being celebrated does not seem to have any idea of what is actually going on.  Truth be told, cats do not have the concept of birthdays.

But we humans do not seem to care as we believe that gathering around our cat and loudly singing and cheering will not make him tense at all.

Send it to your best friend

There are so many birthday cat gifs to choose from that you might actually have a hard time finding the one that is best.

You could send them an edited birthday cat video about any cat character they happen to love.  For instance, there is a birthday grumpy cat.  If your friend happens to be bit grumpy themselves, this could make a good smile putter.

You can even find the Pusheen cat there.  Don´t be surprised to find Hello Kitty as well. But wait, she is not supposed to be a cat, we were told…

Have fun!

We love to have fun and it’s even better when there is a cat involved.   This is definitively one way to relieve stress.

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