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Sad Cat Diary

Sad Cat Diary is a very popular YouTube video published by user zefrank1.  To date, the video, which was published in May 2013, has had more than 26 million views.

Why is the Video so Popular?

The video, besides being funny, is actually one that all cat lovers can relate to.  It tries to put into words all the predicaments of a cat during their insufferable lives.

When you watch it, you could swear that that is exactly what you believe your cat is trying to say when he is sad.  It makes a big deal out of a sad situation.  He refers to his human owners as “the authorities” which makes it even more hilarious.

But what are the lines in Sad Cat Diary?  Let´s read some below.

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What does the Sad Cat Diary say?

The Sad Cat Diary video depicts several sad-looking cats.  Each one has a line to share about what is the situation that makes them sad.  The following are some of the hilarious entries from the video.

“Dear Diary, the authorities have removed the pair of black pants from the couch. There is no longer any place for me to sleep.  I have vomited three times in protest but there is no sign that anything will change.  My only other hope for rest is on the computer keyboard, which is nearby.  But sadly, no one is currently using it.  I will wait. “

“Dear Diary, my food dish is now only half full.  It is obvious that I will soon starve to death.  I have repeatedly tried to draw attention to my predicament with the authorities but they are clearly either stupid, deaf, or just cruel.  This may be my last entry.”

“Dear Diary, I have been stalking an insect on the wall for the past three days now.  All of my attempts to capture it have been thwarted.  However, today, on further inspection, I´ve found out that the insect was in fact a thumbtack.  There is no logic in this place.”

Put a Smile on your Face

Go and check out this video and you will surely put a smile on your face.  Next time you look at your cat, try to figure out what he is exactly thinking.  How his world seems to be falling apart every time he tries to call your attention to something.

We are not cat-mind-readers (that would be a cool superpower to have, don´t you think?), but we do have resources to help you better understand your cat.  Follow us to learn more.