Cat Tattoos: How to Show Love in a Super Cool way

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Cat Tattoos

You love your cat and you know it.  But you want the world to know that too.  A sticker, maybe?  Nah, it won´t do it.  How about a stylish key chain on your college bag. Probably. But cat tattoos stay forever reminding you of that cat that with his mysticism made your days better.

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Purrfect cat tattoos

Do you love cats or one cat in particular?  What a better way to show this love than with cat tattoos.  You could make it one only or an army of cats on your skin.

Whatever your idea is, just make sure it is what you really want because remember it will stay with your forever.  Laser tattoo removals can be painful, trust me.  Ouch!

Depending on how much you are into your tattoo passion, your ink will look like.  If you really love the whole inking thing, you probably have tattoos of several cats playing in a field of flowers.

Or maybe you only want a nice tat on your forearm or your ankle.  This will look pretty nice.  How about immortalizing the cute little face of your furry friend?  Go to a professional ink and get that amazing job done.

Some minimalistic ideas

You can also put on some minimalistic ideas in place.  How about a nice one on your shoulder or in another more conspicuous area?  The great thing about minimalistic is that it is nice and stylish.

You can find tons of ideas of cat outline art to take to your local ink master.  Or, even better; if you want to have your cat in memory, take his picture, turn it into a cat silhouette and there you have your next cat tattoo.

Other cool ideas

Do you have any other ideas for cool cat tattoos?  How about you share them with us.  Send us a picture showing your cat love awesomeness.

We are sure that here in Dogalize we have awesome cat lovers with cat tattoos on them. Visit us and become part of your community as well.  We have more awesome ideas and practical tips on how to best care for your furry companion.