Sushi Cat 2: The ultimate free online Game

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Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2 is an upgrade of its predecessor, Sushi Cat and is a free online game. Both games are developed by Armor game.  The two great things about it is that is free and it is about a cat; lovely.

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Sushi Cat 2: the Plot

The rules of Sushi Cat 2 are very similar to those of its previous version.  However, the story is different.  While shopping at the supermarket, the main character, a female cat, is robbed of a toy by a big dog.  The dog simply grabs the toy and runs away.

The cat quickly goes after the dog but this one is pretty fast.  The dog sprints into an elevator that closes its doors in front of the cat.  She then has to press the button to go after the dog.

The problem is that she is not tall enough.  This is where you, the player, come in.  You have to make the cat eat sushi in order for her to grow big enough to reach the button.

Sushi Cat 2: the Game

The design of the game is actually pretty cute.  You can play it with the kids, and even with the cat, which is the hero here.  Just don´t expect your cat to play.

In the game then, you have to make the cat eat all the sushi she can in order to grow taller.  Once you have made her grow bigger the first time, she returns, presses the button, but only to find out that the dog has run to the cinema.

She chases the dog all the way there but finds out pretty soon that she cannot enter there because she is still not big enough.  This continues on for five levels.  In each one, your mission is to make the cat eat as much sushi as possible.

Within Sushi Cat 2, you will find special features that will help you eat the required amount of sushi to pass the level.

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