Barking Dog at Home? Here’s How to Solve it

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Barking Dog

Dogs bark because, well, that’s what they do. However, a barking dog, especially in residential areas, can be a nuisance.  Although you should never expect a dog to never bark, excessive barking can be a thing that you can take control of.

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Why do Dogs Bark?

If you want to stop excessive barking in dogs, the first thing to do is to understand why your dog is barking so much.  An excessive barking dog can be a signal of several things.

  • When their territory is being invaded by strangers, dogs will bark in aggressiveness.  As the threat comes closer, the barking becomes louder.
  • A barking dog can be one that got startled by a noise or a movement in their territory.
  • Dogs usually bark when they welcome someone home.  This barking is usually accompanied by a tail wagging and jumping sometimes.
  • A bored dog is usually a barking dog.  Dogs are pack animals and if they are left alone for too long, they will usually get bored.
  • Dogs usually bark when they want something or want to go outside.

How to Stop a Barking Dog

Since you are the leader of the pack, you are the one called to help out.  For starters, once you have identified the reason of the barking, you can take measures.  This should not be hard.

Now, if you have a dog going loud excessively, follow these tips that will help:

  • Challenge your dog mentally and physically.  The bottom line here is that a happy dog is a quiet dog.  Are you taking your dog for a daily walk?  Have you tried challenging this activity with a bike or going up a mountain?  Try some obedience games to train your dog mentally.
  • When trying to calm your dog, calm down yourself.  If your dog sees your frustration, it will only get him more frustrated.
  • Use a sound or a sign to signal your dog to stop barking.  He will stop but once this stimulus is over, he will resume.  This is because his mind is still alert.   Keep doing the stimulus with the command and you should see results if you are patient.
  • If the barking continues incessantly, get some professional help.

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