Biggest Dog Breed You Want to Have at Home

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Biggest Dog Breed

When you think of the biggest dog breed, most probably a Big Dane comes to mind, or a gorgeous Mastiff.   Imagine coming out of your house with one of those majestic beasts on your leash.

You will definitively turn a lot of heads and you will see how funny it will be when people just move away from you and your mutt.  People might want to get close but those who do not own a Dane or a Malamute will soon learn that it is not that easy.

But then, do you really want to have the biggest dog breed at home?  They usually live a shorter life than smaller breeds.  You will need to make a larger, much larger investment in food (but it is worth it, we promise.).  When it comes to veterinarian services, the thumb rule is, the larger the breed, the higher the expense.

On the other hand, they are usually calm dogs and pretty friendly.  They can easily make friends with humans because they are not easily intimidated.

How about a list of the seven largest for you to make a pick?

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Great Dane

If you thought of the Great Dane as the biggest dog breed, you got it right!  At least when it comes to height, they are the kings.  In average, they stand at around 28-30 inches, some of them grow even larger.  They are not the heaviest breed though;  they can weight around 100-120 pounds.

Neapolitan Mastiff

When it comes to mass, the Mastiffs are among the gods.  The average male Mastiff can stand at 26-30 inches and weigh a sheer 130-150 pounds.

Dogue de Bordeaux

This is an ancient French breed that stands as one of the heaviest breeds. They stand between 27-31 inches and weigh between 120-150 pounds.  One important characteristic of this dog is that the Dogue de Bordeaux has the largest head-to-body-size ratio.


The working Newfoundland was bred to help fishermen, although it is used as a guard dog.  These dogs stand at 27-30 inches and can weigh as much as 50 pounds.

English Mastiff

If you thought you could never lift up a Great Dane, open way for the English Mastiff.  This dog is the definition of massive!  He can reach a height of 30 inches and weigh up to 250 pounds.  Just imagine this dog´s diet!

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is the perfect family dog.  He is friendly, calm, and easily gets along with children.  They stand between 25-30 inches tall and weigh between 140-180 pounds.


The Leonberger is a not so popular dog whose origin goes to the Newfoundland mixed with the Saint Bernard.  It stands between 27-31 inches and weighs as much as 170 pounds.

Have you made your decision yet?  Now, let us help us here in Dogalize in the care for your new pet.  We have everything you can think of to make your dog the happiest ever.  Visit us to learn more.