Target dog: Bullseye the official Target mascot

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Target Dog

You have seen him in all of Target Store‘s advertising.  This is Bullseye, the Bull Terrier and official mascot: Target dog.  Let´s take a look at this character that has become the signage of Target.

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The Dog

Bullseye, the Target dog, is played by a 9-year old Bull Terrier female.  She has a white coat and the Target Corporation logo painted around her left eye. This paint is natural and non-toxic.

Before Bullseye, the original Target dog was an AKC Champion named Kingsmere Moondoggie, who was affectionately known as “Smudgie“.  The current Bullseye is the descendant from Skyline Bull Terriers, a breeder located in Massachusetts.

Bullseye lives on a ranch just north of Los Angeles.  She lives there with her trainer David McMillan, who operates Worldwide Movie Animals.

The Campaign

Even though the current Target dog is a female, she plays a male dog during the commercials.   The store also offers a stuffed toy during special events or as an employee recognition.

There is a special treatment for Bullseye.  She gets special care that includes soaking in a tub in a spa, pedicure, and massage.  After featuring in a campaign, she is given a long break.  When she makes an appearance for the store, a pet-safe vegetable-based paint circle is drawn around her left eye.

Several years ago, Target featured Bullseye in only some bits of their promotion.  But as of 2015, the dog re-emerged as an important feature in the Target universe.  This comes as an important move from the Target Corporation to bring back that magic that connects with their customers.

Training of the Target Dog

The Target dog spends his days between his ranch and special events.  In some of these, she has to pose for pictures, move here and there, and basically be around a lot of people.

This can only be done with training and this is where David McMillan comes in.  He has been training Bullseye since 2001.   After long sessions of training, Bullseye is able to be cool around crowds, to walk in circles, sit on a bench, and stay glamorous.

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