Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Let’s find out!

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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

When the scorching summer is in its full swing, we take extra precautions with our pets. We give them more water than usual, we put some ice on their water to cool them off, and we sometimes share some fresh fruit.  One of these is watermelon.  But can dogs eat watermelon?

The answer is yes, but as with any other food you feed your dog, you must take some precautions.  First, let’s go over the nutritional value of watermelon and what effect does it have on your dog.

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Nutritional Value of Watermelon

The National Watermelon Promotion Board has stated that watermelon is 92% water and it goes at 50 calories per cup.  This makes it perfect for simply hydrating or cooling off. There is zero fat and cholesterol, so you can basically stuff an entire one yourself and not feel guilty about it.

They are rich in vitamin A, C, and potassium.  If taken cautiously, watermelon does have some nutritional value to your pet.

An average watermelon can yield 11 cups of cubes.  It’d be pretty greedy if you sat down to eat them all yourself and not even share a cube with your pet.  You will see how your dog will love it and even ask for more.

Can Dogs eat Watermelon?

Absolutely.  About the amount, consider that there are not many calories involved in a cup of diced watermelon.  But consider if you have an obese dog.  Giving him more calories would just be unnecessary.

We already mentioned the nutrients found in watermelon, which are in little amounts. Vitamin A helps to your dog´s night vision and skin health.  Vitamin C provides an immune boost for those dogs who cannot naturally produce Vitamin C, mostly because of aging.

Potassium as well is a necessary nutrient in your dog´s diet.  If your dog becomes deficient on this nutrient, he can suffer a heart attack or heart failure.

Then, there is water, which is great for hydrating on that summer afternoon.  Your pup will thank you.

What are the Precautions?

When feeding watermelon to your dog, make sure you remove the seeds as these can cause blockade to the intestinal tube.  You should also remove the rind as it could cause some gastrointestinal upset.

So, can dogs eat watermelon?  Yes, but, just like you would do with any other food you feed your pooch, take care of conditions and amounts.

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