Cat Cartoon, Because Cats are Fun to Watch Any Way

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Cat Cartoon

Cats are one of the cutest creatures to roam the land.  They are this amazing combination of mystery and fun.  Being the rulers of the internet, you can actually find a cat cartoon or some depicting their traits.

There are so many cat characters out there that have been and continue to be the joy of young and old.

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A Funny Cat Cartoon

Usually, a cat cartoon tries to animate the most interesting and funny features in a cat. As you know, we have characterized cats as being smart and cunning.  Whenever there is a cartoon of a cat and a dog, the cat is usually the clever one.  You have Garfield, for instance, or CatDog, where the dog is the goofy character and the cat is more like the one calling the shots.

Of course, there are also exceptions of funny cat cartoons on television, such as Sylvester from the Looney Tunes or Tom from Tom and Jerry.

But there are also cat cartoons that are not famous nor popular but you can still use to have fun.  All you need is go and make a search.  You might surely get a smile.

Videos of Cat Cartoon

Not only are there pictures of cat cartoon, but you can also find videos on the Internet. Fans from all over the world who love cats have taken the task of creating fun characters and uploading them in social media.

These videos are usually short stories involving cats and a humanization of them as they go through human-like situations but still undergo typical cat situations.

Some popular Characters

There are some popular cat cartoon characters out there on the Internet.  They are funny in their particular way.  You get Taling Tom, for instance.  This character has become very popular in mobile applications and the web.

Nyan Cat is a cartoon character that for some reason became very popular in 2011.  Then there is Pusheen, who has his own website with stories and goodies.

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