Cat’s Cradle: the very famous String game

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Cat’s Cradle

Remember that time when your friend made this weird like a wad of string between their hands and asked you to pull a string here and there to form shapes, mostly of a diamond?  Well, that was the famous cat’s cradle string game.

Today, we bring you what you always wanted to know about this very popular game. But first, we will get some education on what is the origin of this game.

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Let´s go back several years to the origin of the game.  In fact, we do know about references of first uses of the word.  It´s funny that even though the game has “cat´s” in it, its origin has nothing to do with cats whatsoever.

It is thought to be a corruption of “catch cradle” or “manger cradle“.  But there seems to be no connection between catches and cradle.  Some believe this to be a reference to the Christian story of the birth of Jesus, which apparently happened in a manger used as a cradle.

Throughout times, the game has received several names.  Also, the changes have taken place depending on the location.   For instance, in France, the game is called crèche.  In Russia, they will simply call it the game of string.   In the United States, the game is known as Jack in the Pulpit.  The name “cat’s cradle” is used as is also.

How to Play Cat´s Cradle

In the game, the players pull on a string and make a sequence.  The idea is to alter the figure made by the previous player but without taking off the strings.

The game begins with one player doing the cat´s cradle.  Then the next player, keeping the string stretched will take the cradle from the original owner and makes another figure.   The game ends when players can no longer make a figure or destroy the previous one.

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