Chimera Cat: What is it and Why are They a Cool Pet to Have

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Chimera Cat

The Internet was taken by storm when the first pictures of Venus appeared around five years ago.  Very quickly she gained popularity with millions of YouTube views and Facebook likes.  But what made Venus so unique?  The fact that she is a chimera cat?

When Venus hit the internet, we were all amazed at her split face and the different coloration of her eyes.  This sparked many questions about what made this torty looked the way she did.

In 2012, cat geneticist Leslie Lyons of the University of California, Davis, told NatGeo that Venus was “… extremely, extremely rare.”

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What is a Chimera?

Genetically speaking, a chimera is a single organism that is formed from different zygotes.  So we are talking about an animal that instead of having two pieces of information from both parents, it has four.

Because of this merging of characteristics into one, a chimera animal may have different blood types, male and female organs, and some other small variations in structure.

A Chimera Cat

This brings us to a chimera cat.  Basically, such cat is one that is actually one but has genetic information of two cats.  In other words, it is two siblings in one.  Two twins in the womb that merged into one.

This could explain the perfect split that divides such cats into black and/or tabby and even the different eye coloration.  This happens before being born, of course.

Is Venus really a Chimera Cat?

This finally brings us to who once was the queen of the internet: Venus.  When asked if Venus was a chimera cat, geneticists did not seem to hesitate to respond.  None of them agreed that Venus is an actual chimera cat.

The only certain way to prove this is by taking a DNA test.  But if she is not a chimera, why does she look like one? Experts agree that it was mere luck.

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