Cooking with Dog: A Cooking Show…with a Dog!

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Cooking with Dog

Just when you thought you had seen everything about dogs, now you hear about a cooking show featuring a dog.  This is Cooking with Dog, a cooking show that features a canine host named Francis and this mysterious Japanese chef whose real name is not disclosed.

The show features on YouTube and had its premiere on September 9, 2007.

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The Concept of the Show

Cooking with Dog, which is a Japanese cooking show web series, features “Chef” preparing dishes while the toy Poodle, Francis (voiceover) narrates what Chef is doing. Chef speaks in Japanese, but Francis narrates in English with the idea of expanding the show to a larger audience.

Initially, the show featured Japanese cuisine but it later expanded to other regions.  Also, new episodes were uploaded every Friday, until a new concept was established on early 2017.

The Dog

Francis, the toy Poodle has gained enormous popularity due to the show.  Francis’ interaction with Chef has helped to make the show even more popular. Their interaction is granular and anxiety-free.

Due to the popularity of the show, a spinoff called Go! Francis! was created. In it, a stuffed toy of Francis travels all around Japan discovering Japanese culture and cuisine, visiting important and exotic places and interviewing people of interest.  This web series is hosted in the same channel as Cooking with Dog.

Francis died in late 2016, after which producers announced that the show would no longer continue with regular content but occasional new episodes.

Reception of Cooking with Dog

The Cooking with Dog channel has over 1.3 million subscribers at the time of writing.   The first video has over 1.3 million views and the other videos usually gain a view of several hundred thousand.  As of February 2015, the show was on the top-10 most subscribed to cooking shows on YouTube.

Reviewers attribute the show’s popularity to its simplicity and the nice interaction between Francis and Chef.  Due to some privacy concerns, the producer and the Japanese host decided not to disclose their names.  They do, however, make appearances at public events.

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