Dog Clothes: Does your Pet Really Needs It?

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Dog Clothes

I was walking around the mall the other day and found this cute kiosk with stuff for dogs. Then I saw a section of dog clothes.  Wow, dogs really have a nice wardrobe selection.  I bet some of them dress even better than you and I.

This begged the question: do dogs need to wear clothes?  This trend of dressing dogs started to become popular around five years ago and it has not stopped since.  You see dogs wearing cool sweaters during winter.  Granted, they look pretty cute.

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Dog Clothes can be Appropriate Some Times

The truth is easy to figure out.  Putting dog clothes on your pet will depend on several factors.

During the summer, the only thing that you will probably do to your dog by putting clothes on him is to make him hotter.  So, if you live in an area with a lot of sun and summer, then maybe you just want to go with a cute bandana.

If there is winter, cold, and snow, then most dogs might need to wear a jacket or sweater. Dogs that have a thin fur will have a harder time dealing with the cold.  This is true to most dogs living in the snow.

Thick-furred dogs like a Malamute or a Husky do not need to wear sweaters or jackets. They are snow dogs who are used to extremes of cold. Putting clothes on them might make them overheat and feel uncomfortable.

Let Him Decide

If you want to have your pup wear dog clothes, you should go little by little and have him decide.  Start with a bandana and watch his reaction.  Please be aware of the fact that not all dogs like to wear clothes.  If this is the case of yours, do not force it on him.

You can still get them accustomed to clothes but you will have to go in small steps.  If he tolerates a small bandana, move on with a scarf.  If he seems to have no issue, great, but if instead, he plays with it, maybe you should let go.

Check for Signs of Discomfort

It is very important that, whatever you do or have him wear,  your dog feels comfortable.  If during the winter you have him wear a sweater but he does not seem excited, is panting excessively, or scratching at the clothes, then you should probably forego.   You do not really want your dog to overheat.

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