Robot Dog: here’s Everything You Need to Know About it

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Robot Dog

So you are planning on getting your child a robot dog.  A robot dog or robotic dog is a robot designed to resemble a dog in appearance and some characteristics.  Some of them have barking and tail-wagging incorporated to them.

Let’s take a look at everything you should know about these toys before getting one for your kid.

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How Does a Robot Dog Work?

The design of a robot dog allows it to move and behave like a real dog.  They are still far from being a real dog since their movements are still dependant on an axis and their response to stimuli might fail.

Some of these robot dogs can learn from your behavior patterns.  This makes them great companion dogs, or at least that is the aim for the future.  Their program allows them to have artificial intelligence which allows them to react to outside stimuli.

Robot dogs are also used to perform tasks and help disabled, elderly, or very ill.  They are also pets that make great companions and can entertain someone.

What is the Price of a Robot Dog?

The price of these robots varies depending on the functionality and capabilities.  A very popular example is last year’s WowWee Chip (Chip stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet).  This dog follows a ball via Bluetooth and can actually fetch it.

The price of this sample is $199.  But there are other robot dogs that are exclusively designed to perform certain works and their market price would be pretty soaring.

Advantages over Having a Real Dog

You might be thinking that having a robotic dog is actually kind of boring.  But believe it or not, there are certain advantages of having a bag of chips and boards than one of bones and fleas.

  • No animal infestation.
  • No foul odors.
  • There are no veterinary costs associated.
  • No “accidents” on your carpet or hardwood.
  • No food, toys, or treat investment

Is there any other advantage you can think of?  Share it with us!

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