Gun Dog Supply: all you Need for your Hunting Dog

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Gun Dog Supply

If you are a hunter and want to take a gun dog with you there are some things you need to know. First, you should get some gun dog supply to help train your dog and have the best results.  Hunting trips and hunting dogs must effectively be meshed together to succeed and get some game.

Let us take a look at the best gun dog supply for you and your pet.  Remember that the most important thing is to keep you and your dog safe during a hunting trip.

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Training Collars

Basically, training collars are essential to a better dog training.  This is the method used by professional trainers.  As a gun dog supply, you want to get a hand on a good training collar.

These collars work remotely by giving the dog gentle sounds and taps in order to condition him to commands.

Be consistent, firm, but gentle.

Tracking Systems

Tracking systems become important when the field where the hunting is taking place is rather long or filled with accidents.  Once your pointer seems to be steady on your radar, you can understand that he has found game and that it is time to go check.

Besides this, a good tracking system gives you peace of mind that your dog is still within hunting range and has not drifted away.

Other Dog Training Supplies

There are other things within the gun dog supply that are mostly used for training pets prior to hunting trips.

  • Whistles and lanyards to be able to locate and retrieve your dog whenever he is needed or the hunting trip is over.
  • Training scents will help you and your dog be able to follow leads.  These scents come in liquid or as a cream.
  • Training wings are used to help your dog become accustomed to foul game scent.

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