Healthy Dog Food: how can we recognize it?

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Healthy Dog Food

As we love our pooches very much, we want to give them the best.  When it comes to food, we do no less.  Interestingly, even though dogs have a strong population of bacteria that allows them to eat some stuff that would send us human to the hospital, they still need to eat healthy dog food.

Since they cannot decide for themselves, you should know what to feed them and in what amount in order to keep them healthy.

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Importance of Healthy Dog Food

Your dog needs to have a properly balanced diet to stay healthy and happy.  As a responsible dog owner, you should know what is best for your dog and it what amount.  You should consider this before running to the store to find him the first bag of dog food you find on the shelf.

Every pooch is different, so it is hard to pinpoint a general recipe for all dogs.  However, as far as one can generalize, a healthy dog food must include the following elements:  meat, grains, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits.  Most commercial dog foods have these ingredients in a proper amount.

If you are planning on cooking some healthy dog food for your pooch, make sure you provide a proper balance.  Very importantly, cut down on spices, sugar, and those fruits or vegetables that are harmful to him.

How much?

Once you have found a proper diet for your friend you must determine what amount.  Experts recommend puppies to eath three to four times a day since they are growing and usually require more nutrients.  Past the six months, they can eat twice a day.

Check with your vet what is the best amount for your dog to be sure.  Do not make the mistake too many dog owners do and that is to overfeed your pet.  It is important to give the proper amount to avoid overweight issues later.

Human food

There are some foods from your plate that you can feed your dog but according to the FDA, you must be careful.  Foods like chocolate, raw meat, fatty food, chicken bones, salty snacks, and some fruits are actually dangerous for your dog.

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