Lucky Cat or Maneki Neko: the cat you’re not avoiding

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Lucky Cat

Who would think that a cat could actually make you have good luck or beckon some good fortune!  In fact, we try to avoid a black cat crossing our paths as it indicates a bad omen.  But not the lucky cat.

This sculpture of Japanese origin is a statue of a cat with its left paw raised up and usually waving.  The Japanese name for the lucky cat is Maneki Neko, which means Beckoning cat.

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Basics of the Lucky Cat

This beckoning cat is used to attract good luck.  More specifically, if the left paw is the one being raised, it beckons customers.  If the right paw is raised, then it brings money and wealth.  You can see now why you have seen a lucky cat in so many businesses.

The lucky cat is seen in stores, restaurants, retail stores, and offices.  It also goes by the names fortune cat or money cat.   The cat is used then, to attract or beckon more customers (if left paw is up) or more money and wealth (if right paw is up).

Its Use During the 2008 Depression

Once we establish the above fact, about the influence of which paw is raised up to the type of fortune you want, we come to an interesting event that happened during the world depression caused by the famous derivatives disaster that almost wiped the world’s economy.   Stores had always sold lucky cats in a decent amount.  But in 2008, when businesses needed buyers in their stores and buyers needed money in their pockets, the sales of the lucky cat skyrocketed.

But this cat had both paws up to beckon both much-needed prosperity and customers.  To avoid the looks of surrender, the creator has made the cat lift up one paw sligthly higher than the other.

How to use the Lucky Cat in Feng Shui

If you are wondering, what Feng Shui is, in simple words it is a way of living by balancing energies in every space to ensure good luck on people living in it.

Feng Shui uses the lucky cat to bring themselves very good luck, which is part of the rituals.

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