Cat breeds: the Nebelung cat Characteristics and Personality

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Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung cat is a rare domestic cat breed who is as beautiful as mysterious.  In fact, his name means “creature of the mist”.  This is a reference to the cat´s silvery-blue coat that seems to float over him.

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The breed was developed by Cora Cobb from two cats: Siegfried (1984) and Brunhilde (1985).  Siegfried was the only blue-haired cat from a litter of kittens fathered by a black long-haired cat and born to a shorthair named Elsa.

Brunhilde was born to the second litter of these two parents.  This is how both blue long-haired cats became the foundation of the Nebelung cat.  Geneticist Solveig Pfleuger defined them as a long-haired version of the Russian blue.

The International Cat Association recognized the breed in 1987 and have it full recognition in 1997.

Physical Characteristics

The appearance of this cat is one of a sturdy and long cat.  It has a long tail, long neck, long legs, and long hairs.  His wedge-shaped head is adorned by oversized pointy ears.

The average weight is 3.5 kg for females and 6.5 kg for males.  They have a shiny and smooth double coat and a ruff around the neck.


This is one quiet and calm cat.  He is usually very serene but don’t let that fool you.  He is also very active when it comes to playing.   You will usually see him running and jumping up to high places where he can go and explore the surroundings.

He is usually aloof of visitors as he will not usually let them see him until he feels they are worthy of it.  But he is forever loyal to his favorite person.

Even when he loves your company, this cat is capable of entertaining himself.  Despite being an active cat, he does not have a destructive personality.

Caring for a Nebelung Cat

You should comb your Nebelung’s hair twice a week to remove dead hair and help distribute skin oils.

Fun Facts

  • The Nebelung cat is the only long-haired cat to come exclusively in blue.
  • These cats are usually tolerant of other pets, including dogs.
  • Siegfried and Brunhilde, the base of the Nebelung cat, were named after the two main characters in Nibelungenlied, a medieval German saga that in the end inspired the name of the breed.

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