Neko Atsume New Cats: a free online game

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Neko Atsume New Cats

Let´s begin talking about the game before going into the Neko Atsume new cats. Neko Atsume Kitty Collector is a free online mobile game where you are the owner of a garden. You put different types of food and toys in it to attract different types of cats.

Each cat is unique and has a personality and looks of their own.  When you feed the cats or entertain them well, they will leave you a fish as a present.  You can use these fish as currency to buy more food for the cats and expand your garden.

The game is available for free in English and Japanese in the App Store and Google Play.

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 The Cats

The entire premise of the game is to collect kitties by luring them to your garden.  To the time of writing of this post, there are 62 cats to collect.  The last update of the app was on August 18, 2017, but no new cats were added.

Some cats are easier to lure than others.  For example, Snowball will come straight to your garden and is easy to collect.  On the other hand, there are cats that will only come to your garden if you provide the correct combination of food and toys.

Fans of the game have a list of which are the foods and toys each cat prefers.  If not, it might be interesting to figure this out by yourself.  As you get more into the game, you will get used to each kittie´s particular taste.

The Neko Atsume New Cats

As with Neko Atsume New Cats, there are several updates that bring new cats.  Just when you thought you had collected almost all of them, the developers introduce new kitties.  You know, this is just to keep the game’s excitement.

The most recent rare cat was added in July 2017.  This rare cat is named Hermeowne and loves egg bed.  That same date, two regular cats were added: Chocola and Willow.

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