Sad dog? You should Try This to Cheer Him Up!

sad dog

Sad dog

There are many reasons for a sad dog.  Most of the time it has to do with him being bored or it could also be some underlying condition.   If you suspect that your dog is feeling down as a consequence of a medical condition, you should take him to the vet and get him checked.

Other times, dogs can show sadness out of depression.  Sadness, in this case, is accompanied by withdrawal, inactivity, their appetite changes, and they no longer get involved in the activities they usually like.  But then, veterinarians agree, your dog gets the blues probably due to a medical condition.

As a responsible and loving owner, try cheering up your dog if you suspect he is bored.

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Distract Him

Most of the time, dogs get sad because they get pretty much nothing to do.  Usually, this is accompanied by mischief behavior or barking.  When you see your sad dog, it makes sense to try and pamper him.  But you would be rewarding this behavior.

Instead, engage him in fun activities, go for a walk, give him a puzzle, or throw him a recreational bone.  If you usually go for a walk, try to take a new route.  Dogs love to explore while they walk, so this could be a great opportunity to cheer him up.

Keep his Routine Consistent

Dogs work better when they know what to expect.  So keep meal times, play times, grooming, bedtime, etc, consistent.

Time is the Best Cure

At some point, you need to allow a day or two for your dog´s depression to blow over.  It might take a little more than that but it will not stay forever.  Sooner than you know, your sad dog will get back to his old self again.

Spice up the Menu

Food times are important for dogs.  Keep up his schedule and, if possible, spice it up a little with a new ingredient, especially if you notice that your dog is not too enthusiastic about food time anymore.

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