Space Cat: The Rare Cat from Battle Cats

space cat

Space Cat

Browsing through the Internet, you probably find a lot of features for the term “space cat”.  It is funny to note that there are pictures of cats wearing astronaut suits and even one of a DJ cat in space.

It seems like we would love to see a cat out there.  That or somebody has seen one while taking an acid trip.  Since we have mentioned the Battle Cats game before, we will refer to one of the rare cats.  First a little recap of what the game is about.

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About the Game

As you might remember, or probably have the game installed on your phone (given your love for cats and everything related), Battle Cats is an online mobile game where, through using different types of cats and strategies, you must tower defend.

As you advance within levels, you can buy new cats.  Some new cats are released during updates of the game.

Space Cat: Pros and Cons

As with Space Cat, this is a Rare Cat that can be unlocked when defeating Attack on R-Cyclone on the mobile version and from the Rare Cat Capsule in the Nintendo 3DS version.  In level 10, Space Cat evolves into Major Space Cat.

As with all the cats from Battle Cats, this one has its pros and cons.  Let´s take a look at some of them.


  • Fast attack speed
  • Long range
  • Usually has a very low cost
  • Fast recharge time


  • Health is usually low
  • Stamina is low
  • Minimal attack power
  • Only one attack

When using this rare cat, you will notice that, once it comes out of his shuttle to attack, it can´t stay outside for too long due to low health.

Use and Strategy

The chances for a critical hit from Space Cat is actually pretty low (4%).  However, this is compensated by a long range, 340 in both normal and evolved forms.   Perhaps the best time to use this cat is when behind a large number of meatshields.

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