Spitz Dog: Hard Working Human Helpers

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Spitz Dog

A spitz dog is a type of dog with certain physical characteristics.  There are many breeds of spitz dogs.  Their most noticeable physical traits include a long, thick, and often white coat, with pointed ears and muzzles.  Their tail either droops or curls over the dog´s back.

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The true origin of spitz dogs is unknown.  We do know, however, that most of the spitz dog breeds we see today originated in the Arctic region or in Siberia.

Skeletal remains from 2000 years ago found in Switzerland seem to indicate that these dogs have existed in Europe for several millennia.   The German Spitz is definitively a descendant of these spitz dogs, as well as other European spitz.

Over the years, many of these spitz dogs were taken to Japan, which gave origin to many other Asian breeds, such as the Chow Chow and the Akita Inu.


These dogs were developed through selective breeding to help humans with herding, hunting, and pulling sleds.   Their bodies and characteristics were shaped in order for them to be able to complete these tasks.

A spitz dog is pretty well suited to live in harsh cold conditions.  Their undercoat, which is denser than the outer coat, is waterproof and acts as an insulator to trap warmth.  Their paws are protected from the cold and sharp ice by a thick fur around them.

They do not grow large ears to prevent frostbiting.   Their fluffy bodies, small ears, and cute appearance has made some of them to be turned into toy dogs.  These dogs, such as the Pomeranian no longer have the hunting and herding characteristics of their ancestors.


Most spitz dogs still keep some wolf-like characteristics such as suspiciousness, independence, and aggressiveness towards strangers and other dogs.  This tough personality makes them specially challenging for training, especially if they are to be held in an urban environment.

Spitz Dog Breeds

There are many spitz dog breeds that still fullfill the purpose they were bread for.  Some of the most popular by type of task are:

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