Why do Dogs Howl?: 7 Reasons to explain it

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Why do Dogs Howl?

Ever wondered why do dogs howl?  Well, there are many reasons for it.  In fact, howling is one way for dogs to communicate.   They do this to call attention, as a sign of boredom, or to announce they are coming.

Some dogs even howl when they hear high-pitched sounds such as musical instruments or emergency vehicles sirens.

Let’s examine seven main reasons why our four-legged friends sing the song of their people.

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Howling in the middle of nowhere to indicate their presence to the rest of the pack is an instinct dogs brought from wolves.  Interestingly, dogs would howl to bring his loved ones back home.  So, next time you are out and wonder why do dogs howl, he is calling you all in back home with the pack, as it should be.


Dogs being territorial is another trait dogs got from wolves.  Whenever a member of another pack is invading the territory, he will howl to warn the invader and to inform the members of his pack about the presence a stranger.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals and whenever they are separated from their pack, they develop a deep sense of separation anxiety.  For instance, when you leave them alone for a too long time, they will howl to indicate their presence and to help you back to the pack.

The same thing happens with stray dogs. Whenever a member of the pack starts missing, they will howl.  Even puppies when they note their mother has been gone for too long, they will howl.

Attention Seeker

Dogs will never say no to your attention and affection.  But when they are just not getting enough of it, they will howl to get it.  Are you working on your computer and wonder why do dogs howl, or why yours in particular does?  He is looking for at least a belly rub.


Just like they like to get attention, dogs want to get rewarded when they succeed.  So, if they achieve something, they will get excited and ask for your praise.  But if you are nowhere to be found, they will howl to call you and get what they want.

Hunting dogs howl to their owners when they find game.  This is to indicate their position and to get their reward and praise.

Medical Condition

Dogs will sometimes howl when they are not feeling well or have internal pain.  The same thing happens if they get injured.  If your dog is howling too much for no apparent reason, you should get him checked.


Whenever your dog is feeling annoyed or irritated, he will respond with a howl.  High-pitched noises such as alarms or electronic beeps sounding constantly might make them upset.

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