Cat Harness: the best one for your best friend

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Cat Harness

Perhaps, we feel it is not within a cat instincts to have the need of going out for walks with their owners.  However, given that your kittie enjoys time with you, she will probably enjoy walking next to you.  This is when a cat harness comes in handy.

Let’s explore what are the best types of cat harnesses for those owners who enjoy taking their cat outside to explore or hiking.

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The Importance of a Cat Harness

Cats are feral animals that have not entirely lost touch with the wild side of their ancestors and cousins.  This means that they are practically still designed for the wild and rough.   This means that having a cat within the confine of a cat house might probably be against his nature.

Taking him outside to explore the world enables that “raw cat” to come out and meet his instincts.  However, we cannot always trust that our cats will just go outside and walk with us side by side.  They are pretty sneaky and we would definitively not dare to take our cats out unleashed.  It would simply not be a walk, it´d be you chasing your cat all around the neighborhood.

Now, putting on a cat harness on your fella is important because you need to distribute the pressure of a leash more evenly.  Cats, unlike dogs, are more sensitive to traumas to the neck and a collar attached to a leash can cause some damage to their throats.

Which one is Best for my Cat

With so many offers out there, it is pretty hard to zero in to one.  The market offers two styles of cat harness.

  • Leads.  These are like straps around the neck and upper back of the cat with a vest clothing.  They are pretty much like small clothes for cats.
  • Walking vests or jackets provide a better pressure distribution of the leash.  These are especially designed for those cats that are a bit wilder and like to pull their leash a lot.

It all comes down to your cat´s personality and size.  Make the best choice for your feline, because he deserves it.

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