Cat meowing: why is he doing it? Let’s find out!

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Cat meowing

Or maybe why has he stopped?  As a cat owner, you should be able to understand what is your cat meowing trying to say.  You know, it is this pet-human bond that grows with time.  If you are still not able to engage in conversations with your cat, don´t worry, you and your pet will grow the communication over time.

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Types of Cat Meowing

Sometimes, a cat meowing can be undetectable to the human ear.   At least this is what some experts speculate about a cat meowing.  Within the range of audible meowing, we can identify at least four different types:

  • Vowel patterns are made by cats in several variations, including some diphthongs.
  • Murmur pattern includes trills and purrs.
  • Intense patterns include hissing and growling.
  • Articulated patterns include chirps and some frustrated chattering.

What is your Cat Saying to You?

Ever heard how cats think of themselves as gods?  Or at least you are certain that you do not own a cat but actually your cat owns you.  So, if you notice your cat meowing, these are all demands.  Hear me, play with me, feed me, let me in, let me out,  are among the cat´s most common commands.

Interestingly enough, most of these demands happen in the middle of the night, when the owner wants to have some sleep.  So, you got it all there.  Your cat might wake you in the middle of the night and once his perseverance pays off, he will guide you to his empty bowl.  Or probably he has cat food in his bowl but he just wants a dinner companion.

Other times he just wants some attention.  Either way, he is learning that pestering you at any time gets him what he wants, so guess what he´s going to do?

What if He Stops Meowing?

Well, in some cases, you want the meowing to stop altogether. If your cat stops meowing altogether, just make sure that is not due to any illness or even depression.  Have you played with your cat lately?  Take him to the veterinarian if it is necessary.

If what you want is for your cat to decrease his meowing and not getting away with it, then you will have to teach him by not responding to his cries.  It will take some time but some cat breeds learn faster than others.

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