Cutest Dog in the World: let’s see who they are

Cutest Dog in the World: let's see who they are

Cutest Dog

Some people will argue that the cutest dog in the world is a tiny Chihuahua or a white-as-snow Pomeranian.  Others might take a humongous Malamute as the cutest thing ever, or maybe a Pitbull Terrier.  There are some dog breeds that would make even Elsa go “awww.” So, here it is.  The top of the top. The best of the best. These dog breeds are so cute, they’ll make you cry. Ok, the cutest dog in the world according to us, maybe.   Ready? Go!

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But of course we included our cute little friend the Dachshund in this list! It is not only the looks of this short-legged fella, but it is also the fact that this little guy will be happy to sit on your lap all day. How is rubbing that beautiful face as you watch TV not a delight?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a popular breed in many countries and is a fur ball that you just want to hug and bite. His silky hair, puppy eyes, and gracious poise make this long-named one part of our list. Wanna relax? Just grab this cutey one and brush his hair, again, and again. He´d be happy.

Golden Retriever

Want to see cute like nowhere else? The Golden Retriever puppy is the most adorable thing you will ever see. The good news is that even when they grow adults, these dogs still keep their puppy curiosity and love for play.


The Havanese dog is hairy, silky, small, fluffy, has a loving personality, should we go on? These pooches come in a variety of colors and you can adjust their hairdo as you like.


The pug has praises as much as he has detractors. But this is one small dog you want to have. Their innocence and smashed-in nose are only some of the things that bring this pooch close to being the cutest dog in the world.


You were expecting this one on the list. Here it is! This toy ball of fur makes it straight to any list of cute animals. Pomeranians are an active breed and come in a variety of colors.  Their coats are full and fluffy and their tail is curled back up.


Those long black eyes and that curled-up tail are a delight to see and pet. These dogs are pretty smart and love to learn new tricks. The Papillon is as huggable as a dog can get.

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