Dog Insurance and how do You Get one

Dog insurance

Dog Insurance

It turns out to be an emergency since you see your pet having convulsions as you ride inside the ambulance.  It is necessary then to bring him to the veterinarian immediately. You wish you had a dog insurance.

The verdict: Your dog will have to spend the night inside the hospital until he recovers completely.

The quote:  This is where you realize you will have to sell the stereo or the TV to match expenses.

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How Does a  Dog Insurance Work?

A dog insurance works pretty much like any other insurance.  Your price, for instance, varies depending on the type of insurance.  The idea is that, if there ever is an emergency for your pooch, you can get all that covered.

Most dog insurances cover illnesses and accidents.  When deciding which one is best for your pet, consider if your dog is pretty active and therefore increasing his chances of suffering an injury.   Or maybe his breed has some underlying disease.

So, basically, you sign up and set up a monthly fee.  God forbid from having another pet emergency, but in case you do, your four-legged amigo is protected and so is your pocket.

How Much will it Cost?

We can only offer a rough estimate of what a dog insurance might cost. Once again, this will depend on several factors like dog size, dog age, level of activity of the dog, etc., and what is included in your policy.  We can only offer a rough estimate of the costs.

Plans are usually split into several ones.  A basic plan that covers a deductible of the 20% and some co-pay might cost you around $12/month.  In some cases, you pay only $10 if you want an accident only policy or $17/mo if you want full coverage.

Whatever it is you decide, remember that your pooh deserves your best and you should be prepared for accidents we cannot avoid.

In Dogalize we can help you with information and resources regarding this.  Visit us and take a look at everything we have in store for you and your pet.