Fallout 4 Dog Armor: the piece of dog armor

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Fallout 4 Dog Armor

Yes, it is the video game we are talking about.  The Fallout 4 Dog Armor is a piece of dog armor worn by canines.  More specifically, those fans of Fallout 4 know that this dog armor is placed on Dogmeat, which is the player character’s companion in the game.

Let´s take a closer look at its characteristics and how do dogs use this armor.

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The Fallout 4 Dog Armor is a dog armor that comes in a variety of formats:  light, regular, and heavy.   The special design makes it suitable for canines only.   The light armor specifically can only be worn by Dogmeat. The heavy variant can only be equipped on Dogmeat and the junkyard dog.

Basically, Fallout 4 fans look for this armor to place on Dogmeat, their companion dog.  The armor can be complemented with a helmet and a collar.  Some players even place some goggles underneath the helmet

What Does it do?

This is the question that many fans of the game keep asking.  But those who have played the game have seen that it does no good or harm at all.  So, basically, it is just a fashion piece to make the dog look cuter.

On the other hand, other players claim that the armor makes Dogmeat take some blows.  Now, if you were to examine the DR (damage resistance) of this armor, you notice it is 0.  The same goes for ER (energy resistance), it is 0 as well.  This seems to indicate that the armor actually does not really help the dog cope with the violence in his surroundings.

You have to admit that the helmet makes him look more badass and ready to take a good blow.

Where to Find it in the Game

Finding the Fallout 4 dog armor is not really that difficult but he heavy variant of the armor is known to be dropped by attack dogs.

On Jamaica Plain, you can see two dogs named Kate and Kyle wearing heavy armor.  Also, an armor can be also found in Medical Center Metro.

We’ll admit to loving video games here in Dogalize, especially if it involves a dog.  We are already fond of Dogmeat.  But this is a fictional dog, different from the one you have at home.  Feed him, care for him, and love him as much as he deserves.  We can help!