Frontline Plus for Cats: Characteristics and Reviews

Frontline Plus for Cats: Characteristics and Reviews

Frontline Plus for Cats

One way that pet owners have found effective against tick and flea infestation in cats is the topical application of a compound in a pipet. Frontline Plus for Cats is one of such products. In this post, we will be mentioning some characteristics and summarizing reviews about it.

We are in no way endorsing the product here but merely taking a look at its properties and reported effectiveness. Remember to always ask your physician before applying any medication on your cat, even if it is topical.

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Characteristics of Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline Plus for Cats is a tick and flea treatment specially formulated for cats. The product, when applied, will repel cat ticks and cat fleas, protecting your cat from tick-transmitted diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountains spotted fever.

Once applied, the medication will eliminate the cat’s flea within 24-48 hours.  After this, the medication will continue with its effects during 30 days, after which a dose of the product will be required.

Frontline Plus for Cats contains a revolutionary ingredient known as IGR, which prevents flea larvae from developing and eggs from hatching. In this way, the product would destroy the tick cycle causing respiration to fail.

The product offers a product of great quality, guaranteed to last at least 4 weeks on your cat. This is 30 days of protection and destruction of egg and larvae.

Customers Reviews

You can get Frontline Plus for Cats in individual pipets or get a box of 12. The product seems to be effective against fleas and ticks in cats. Customers recommend you use it on your cat by veterinarian prescription. Apparently, some have experienced poor quality product when bought at the store. Some fake products have taken advantage of the popularity of the product to scam people.

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