Grumpy Cat Quotes: A Little Cat Wisdom for You

grumpy cat quotes

Grumpy Cat Quotes

We all know the Grumpy Cat and love his memes.  Check out some snappy Grumpy Cat quotes taken straight from feline wisdom in person….or, in cat.   Now, we’ll skip the cat photos in the meme and go straight to the pearls of wisdom.  You just picture the grumpy look and those judgmental eyes peering down at you and you’re set.

So, without further ado, Grumpy Cat quotes, and a little something we thought we could add.

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Funny Quotes

“Yeah, I lost your number.  It must have happened when I hit delete.”


“Life sucks.  Then you die, nine times!”

Ah, poor thing.  He has to endure nine lives of grumpiness!

“High School Reunion?  If I haven´t contacted you in 20 years, there must be a reason.”

You didn’t have my telephone number?

“”I’m on Pinterest. Hate it.  “

I am very sure you are not the only with rough feelings towards Pinterest.

“I like onions, they make people cry.


One of fan favorites from Grumpy Cat quotes is those where he vouches for evil or even metaphors with a “good”.  Don´t think they are funny?  Let’s see.

Singer Fun has a song named “We are Young”.  Someone decided to put it in a meme with the Grumpy Cat delivering the punchline: good.

Young: “Tonight, we are young so let’s set the world on fire.”

Grumpy Cat: “Good”


Grumpy Cat delivers the “no can do” in an epic and pretty clear way.  So, you have a fun idea that means he has to go outside?  No.

On one such meme, there is a snapshot of Elsa’s sister going to her sister’s room to play.

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

Grumpy Cat: “No” 

Well, there definitively are a lot more Grumpy Cat quotes in case you want some illumination in your life.  Visit us on Dogalize and check out all the resource and information we have for you.