Kawaii Cat: what is it? why is it so adorable?

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Kawaii Cat

Take a look at Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr…everywhere, you will find a kawaii cat that is soooo….well, kawaii!  But then what does kawaii mean?  Is it a new cat breed?  Or, maybe a Japanese type of fictional cat?

According to the urban dictionary, “kawaii” is something that is so cute you can´t get over its cuteness.  Everyone adores a kawaii cat because they are so friggin’ beautiful and adorable!

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Kawaii Cat Everywhere

But what does it take to be a kawaii cat?  Easy, a cat only has to “cat”.  Do you know any cat that is not adorable, huggable, and just crazy cute?  Exactly!

The media is full of kawaii cats.  This is why they say that cats rule the internet.  These fluffy and adorable creatures that God decided to give razor-blade claws for some reason are the epitome of cuteness.

Yes, not everybody is a cat lover.  We guess that you probably need to have a tender heart to love a cat and have a solid stone one to not to.  But then, it all comes down to tastes and flavors.

Nevertheless, those who love a kawaii cat have flooded the internet with them.  You can find them on countless websites and blogs dedicated to them.

Kawaii Cat GIFs

Of course there are other several hundred cat GIFs!  Because we all love a funny GIF to remind us certain important stuff in life and that other matters that are not so important.  So there you have a combination between cuteness and funny.

Anything that has to do with a cat is pretty kawaii.  Even Asian girls wearing cute cat paws or photoshopped cat whiskers make for a cuteness overload.

Kawaii Cat Pusheen

Our Pusheen cat is definitively as kawaii as there can be.  You do remember the Pusheen cat from your Facebook emojis.

Go up and take a picture of your cat and make him look pretty kawaii.  But also take good care of him.  Here in Dogalize we can help you with that.  Check out all the amazing resources and information we have in store for you.