Let’s see the Popular and Cute Medium Dog Breeds

Let's see the Popular and Cute Medium Dog Breeds

Popular and Cute Medium Dog Breeds

Your apartment is small and cozy and would never fit a big dog. Or maybe you just don´t feel like having a small dog running around your apartment. Plus, they might fit in your bag but might look too small for a walk. Medium dog breeds are perfect for you then.

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Popular and Cute Medium Dog Breeds

Still not sure which one to go for? Check out this list of the cutest and most popular medium dog breeds:

  • American Eskimo Dog: these perky dogs are playful and a joy to have at home. Eskies became popular in the United States as circus dogs, so you can guess they are not hard to train;
  • Australian Shepherd: these herding dogs act on their herding instincts and are very protective of their loved ones. They are devoted to their owner and wary of strangers. When it comes to dog training, they need a firm hand as they are independent and smart;
  • Basset Hound: if you are looking for a calmed dog with a sweet nature, the Basset Hound could be the right fit. They have a great sense of humor but they are not so easy to train as they can be a bit goofy;
  • Border Collie: these dogs also have the tendency of acting all “herding” on their loved ones, especially children. But they are athletic dogs and really smart;
  • Bulldog: get one of these if you live in an area that is not too hot as these frowning mug pets do not do well in hot climates. These beautiful mutts have a heart of gold.  They are steadfast, loyal, and determined;
  • Chow Chow: they might not be too playful but they are faithful dogs. The Chow Chow is intelligent, independent, and dignified.  Having one at home is a complete delight;
  • Dalmatian: this natural guard dog is territorial but is also smart. Throughout time, these dogs have been shepherds, hunters, ratters, and dogs of war. So, you got yourself a pretty versatile dog right there;
  • Samoyed: these dogs tend to be reserved. However, they are loyal, intelligent, friendly, and willing to please. You should know that this dog loves to be outdoors and requires lots of exercise.

When making the selection of your next pooch, always remember that all dogs require a certain amount of exercise. Visit us here in Dogalize if you want to know more about the different medium dog breeds and much more.