Cat Images: Cheer Yourself up With Some Awesome Images

Cat Images: Cheer Yourself up With Some Awesome Images

Cat Images

We just love cat images. The sight of these cute creatures is one for sore eyes. As cat lovers, it seems like we cannot simply get enough of them.

Why Cat Images?

Probably the answer to that actually responds to why it is that we like cats. The Internet loves cats and it is full of them. We find the little creatures adorable although they can be complete bastards sometimes.

I read somewhere that if cats could text, they would not text us. They simply seem so loveless and nonchalant. They break our hearts every time they can. However, when they need food, water, and affection, they will just come back to the source.

But then, we will offer it unconditionally. Because even though we feel like we hate them, the truth is that they still look defenseless.

When we get the sight of cat images, we are brought back to those warm feelings that our own cat at home stirs in us.

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Our Favorite Cat Images

Looking up on the web, you find images of cats all over the way. We have decided to classify them according to what we have seen.

Funny Cat

Whenever a cat is doing something funny, like playing with a yarn ball (classic!), we quickly run to get the video camera and shoot a vid or take a pic. Or whenever they are doing some funny stuff.

Smiley Cat

Is your cat really smiling at you? Cats can feel relaxed, and when this happens, their facial muscles tend to relax as well, giving the appearance of a smile. It is not as common in cats as it is in dogs, but it is enough.

Grumpy Cat

Due to the natural expression on their faces, some cats look grumpy. Just like old men do not like the state of affairs, these cats are not taking anything from anybody.

Angry Cat

There are some other cats that you seem to better stay away from. Due to the shape of their eyebrows on top of their eyes, they seem to be angry all the time.

Cute Cat

Mostly kitties, these fluffy balls of hair are the cutest thing you will see today. Bring up the cat images of cutey little things.

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