Dog Gates: Tips to Choose the Best Dog Gates

Dog Gates

Best Dog Gates

Dog gates are necessary to confine a dog that is been housebroken in a determined space. This allows you to better monitor his movements and check the signs of him wanting to relieve himself.

The market is full of dog gates options for you to choose. The choosing process could be appalling but not much if you consider certain aspects. If you are only about measuring the space and find one that fits, you might be in for some useless dog gate.

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Types of Dog Gates

The first thing you need to do is to decide what type of dog gate you prefer. Within the wide range, you have a variety of dog gates to choose from.

  • Hardware-mounted dog gate: these are firmly attached to the wall and require tools.  This means that they are not movable. Due to the time it takes to install them, these are the least popular types of gates.
  • Pressure-mounted dog gates: the cheapest and easier to place, these gates use pressure to attach themselves to walls or studs.
  • Freestanding dog gates: these enclosures do not attach to any surface but rather stand up.  This makes them easier to install and move it around.

Factors to Consider

As stated before, when choosing a dog gate for your pooch, or pooches, you must take certain factors into account. Let’s make them in the form of questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. What is the size of my dog? (Small, medium, large)
  2. What if you have both a large and a small dog at home?
  3. Do you also have cats?
  4. Is your dog pretty active?
  5. Do you live in an apartment or house?
  6. Do you want a gate that can be moved or one that is nailed to the frame?

Remember to choose a gate that is durable and will not wear easily. But more importantly, make it your-pet-proof.

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