Cat door: how to Choose the Perfect Cat Doors

Cat door: how to Choose the Perfect Cat Doors

Cat Door

Cats are far more elusive than dogs. Where dogs see a hindrance, cats see an opportunity. There is hardly a stopping your feline friend from going astray, past the cat door and unto the wild. Needless to say, this is dangerous as anyone could just pick up your cat to get one without paying for it.

But a good cat door can come to the rescue to help keep your cat within your bounds. There is practically no difference between a dog door and a cat door, except the size, of course, and cat doors are usually rigid flaps that you place on doors and windows.

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Types of Cat Doors

There are actually many options for cat doors out there. Take a look at them to help yourself decide which one works best for your cat.

  • A 2-way lock flap is a normal type where you can simply lock and unlock it.
  • A 4-way lock allows you to place it “inside only” or “outside only”.  For example, if you want your cat to come back inside for the night and go back out until you let him out, you place the door in “inside only”.  When your cat comes in, he will not be able to go back out.
  • You can also get electromagnetic cat flap if you want to allow entrance to your cat exclusively.  You know, for those unwanted guests.  Your cat wears a magnetic collar that doubles as an identification tag that allows the magnet mechanism on the door to go off and allow your cat in.
  • If you are feeling a bit techier, a microchip cat flap works with a microchip on your cat´s collar.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cat Door

  • The first thing, of course, will be the size of your cat. You might want to make it bigger than that, just in case you bring in a Maine Coon in the future. You never know.
  • Where will you place your door? On the door or the window? Remember that cats are much agiler than dogs, so a nice spot on a window will do every time.

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