Dog Fence: Choosing the Best for your Friend

Dog Fence: Choosing the Best for your Friend

Dog Fence

When you think of owning a dog, one of the things you must also think of is getting a good dog fence. Depending on the size and strength of your new dog, should your fence be. For instance, if you have a Beagle, you might want a tall fence that can keep your little escapist safe inside the yard. If you have a huge dog, you might want to consider a sturdy one, or if you have a Chihuahua, maybe make small spaces that will keep him from escaping.

A rising trend among dog owners is the use of wireless electronic fences or underground containment systems. These also have their pros and cons and cannot be used with any type of dogs either. Take a look at this short guide to choosing a proper dog fence to keep your pup safe and your mind at peace.

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Traditional Fence

A traditional fence is usually made of wood or metal rods and wires. When using this type of dog fence, which is physical, the owner is trusting in the physical prowess of the structure. For big and strong dogs, and even some medium-sized dogs, it is best to go with a sturdy metal fence.

For smaller dog breeds, a wooden fence should suffice. But the rigidity of a fence is not all that counts. Think of the height of it. Some dog breeds are great jumpers and they will probably overcome a short fence. This is why it is important to consider the height of the fence. For instance, a short 4-ft fence will probably not hold a greyhound.

Wireless Dog Fence

A wireless dog fence is actually a containment system that keeps the dog within an imaginary boundary generated by electrical shocks that keep the dog inside the perimeter.

Basically, it consists of an electric collar you put around the neck of your pooch.  Whenever he reaches the boundary, the collar will receive an electroshock, warning the dog to stay within the perimeter.

This system is not useful in some breeds of dogs that are extremely curious. So, be advised before purchasing this system, which can start at around $140.

In-ground Dog Fence

This type of dog fence is a bit more complex and it takes from 2 to 3 days for installation. However, the setup is pretty useful since it can be tailored to your needs. It is more complex than the wireless, but it also covers a much larger area for the dog.

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