A Dog Bone can be Dangerous, Find out Which ones are Not

A Dog Bone can be Dangerous, Find out Which ones are Not

Dog Bone

Traditionally, a dog bone is the most normal thing for these pets. It has been thought that a dog bone is a treat for dogs. However, veterinarians agree that giving your dog a bone, no matter its size can be problematic. Even for a large dog with a large bone, this can be an issue that might send your dog straight to the vet and need surgery or sometimes even cause death.

So you must be careful not to feed bones to your pooch at the risk of fatality. But let’s face it, dogs will always love bones.

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Cooked vs Raw Bones

The next question that arises with dog bones is which is more dangerous, cooked or raw.  There are some things we need to look at. Raw bones, depending on their size, can easily be crushed by a dog’s teeth into small pieces that might pierce the dog´s intestines.

Cooked bones, on the other hand, become more brittle and are more likely to produce small shards that can easily attach to your pet´s intestines. Besides this, cooking a bone actually, takes away most nutritional value.

The issue with a cooked bone here, according to the FDA, are the following:

  • Broken teeth
  • Bone gets looped around dog´s jaw.
  • Bone gets stuck in the esophagus or anywhere in the digestive tract.
  • Bone enters the windpipe through the nose.
  • Injuries in the mouth or throat
  • Constipation due to fragmens.
  • Bleeding from the rectum.
  • Peritonitis. This is when pieces of bone poke holes in your dog´s stomach and intestines. It can kill your dog so take him to the vet immediately.

Safe Dog Bones

Are there any safe dog bones? You can actually feed your dog a raw bone but under supervision. It is actually safe and good for your dog to chew on a big raw bone. Your dog loves it, he gets mental stimulation, and even this teeth get cleaned.

The above is what is known as a recreational bone. Edible bones include those small, hollow ones that come from birds. They are easily digestible and contain valuable nutrients that your dog needs.

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