Dog Boots: do Dogs Really Need Dog Boots?

Dog Boots: do Dogs Really Need Dog Boots?

Dog Boots

If you live in the cold snow with your pooch, you probably wonder if he needs dog boots. This is probably a matter of debate, but then I believe it comes down to opinion and some characteristics of your dog.

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Dog Paws

You probably already know some interesting facts about dog paws.  They are suited for withstanding all types of terrain. However, this does not mean they walk on horseshoes.  Dogs can get their paws hurt when they are walking, especially on rough terrains.

For instance, if it is too hot outside, you might not want to take your dog to walk on hot concrete. Some dogs are intolerant to the cold of the ice as well. So, if you brought your dog to the snow and it is a new environment for her, maybe you want to try with some cute dog boots.

To Boot or Not

Once again, this is a matter of opinion and taste. It will probably not hurt the dog, just make him a little uncomfortable at the beginning.

But then, there are some dogs that will simply not tolerate wearing the dog boots. If this is the case of your pet, do not force it on him. There are other ways in which you can protect his paws.

After a walk on the snow, soak his feet in warm water for a while. This will help him soothe any chill and melt away any ice between his toes. If he is a furry dog, cut the hairs between his toes to prevent any accumulation of unwanted ice that might hurt him or make him limp.

Always Mind your Dog

If you decide on putting boot dogs on your friend, make sure he is comfortable with them. If your dog does not ever like the idea of boots, that means that he is probably ok without them.

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