Rare Cats from Around the World: let’s see them

Rare cats

Rare Cats

Rare is exotic and exotic is good…and expensive! Now, when it comes to identifying cat breeds, we seem to have some flops that we don´t have with dogs. But even if you are not deep into the cat craze, you can easily tell a Sphynx, or you could easily pick up a Siamese from a line. But these rare cats do not come in the usual assembly line.

These rare specimens belong to those who, for some reason, have not been as popular as the Persian. Experts agree that, if they were more popular they would make perfect pets. But for the moment, due to their low demand, these rare cat breeds should be expensive and hard to get. The one thing that might haunt you in your dreams for the rest of your life is that there is a high chance that you will die without knowing some of them.

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Rare Cats from Around the World

Without any more further ado, the top rare cats from around the world.

American Wirehair

Yes, the name says it, just like it says it for the American Shorthair. This wired hair trait is unique. But this is actually a very rare trait, even from cats brought about by two wirehairs! This cat has not been reported anywhere outside U.S.

American Wirehair


This cross (accidental) between British Chinchilla Longhair and a Burmese brought a cat that is now popular in Great Britain. It is not too popular in the United States.



The Korat is not only one of the rarest cats but also one of the oldest. The history of this cat is one of being rare, even during the 14th century when they lived in the monasteries of Siam. Being able to see the glimmering blue coat tipped with silver is the definition of lucky.

korat cat


These strong cats come in all colors. They are the result of the crossing between street cats and the Ragdoll breed’s offshoot.


Turkish Van

Not only is this kittie very rare but he is also strange; he loves to swim! These cats go back to the 1800s, where they were seen for the first time in the Lake Van region in Eastern Turkey.

Turkish Van


When it comes to rare cats, the LaPerm seems to be one of the champions. It is actually a relatively young breed that originated in 1982.

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laperm cat