Sergio Ramos and his lovely Large Family

Sergio Ramos and his lovely Large Family

Sergio Ramos

There is no doubt that, today, Sergio Ramos is one of the most seasoned central defenders and right backs. Ramos emerged as a prominent footballer in Sevilla’s youth academy, after which he moved to Madrid in the summer of 2005.

The captain of Real Madrid and Spanish National Team has grown to become one of La Liga’s top scorers for a defense position.

But there is something that we love about the 31-year old and that is his pets.

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Sergio’s Family

Presently, Sergio Ramos is in a sentimental relationship with journalist/presenter Pilar Rubio since 2012.  s a fruit of this relationship, the couple has two sons: Sergio (May 6, 2014), and Marco (November 14, 2015).

Besides the kids, Sergio and Pilar, which are both dog lovers have been adding new members to the family. To this day, we know that they are the happy parents of two humans and five canines!

The Dogs

Earlier this year, the couple introduced us to their three pets. Pilar Rubio, at that time, was introducing their two kids for the ¡Hola! Magazine’s blog. She then proceeded to show readers their three pets.

Two German Shepherds and a Bodeguero. Now, we all knew that Rubio is passionate about rock music. But we did not know that she would take it as far as naming her own pets in honor of rock stars.

It turns out that she introduced both dogs with the names Jagger and Lizzy. The names are tributes to two great bands: Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger is the vocalist) and Thin Lizzy. The name of the Bodeguero is Chullo.

Those of you who love animals or live with them will know exactly what I mean.  That unconditional love, that tenderness, the great companions they are, the games with them…they are great.  I have always liked them and now I am lucky enough to live with three dogs,” Rubio commented in her blog.

Later this year, Rubio shared pictures of two new additions to the family. There are two German Shepherd puppies whose names have not been disclosed yet.

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