Thomas – Tom Cat from the Tom and Jerry Series

Thomas - Tom Cat from the Tom and Jerry Series

Tom Cat from the Tom and Jerry Series

If you are what we now call a 90s kid, you probably had a feast enjoying the adventures of Tom and Jerry. Today, we dedicate this post to Tom Cat, the ever-suffering cat that had only one mission in mind: catch his nemesis, a mouse called Jerry.

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About Tom Cat

Tom Cat is a fictional character part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s short animated films known as “Tom and Jerry“. The episodes featured mostly Tom chasing Jerry Mouse.  Tom is an anthropomorphic gray/blue short hair cat.

He usually does not talk, only in very few instances such as in “The Lonesome Mouse” and “Tom and Jerry: The Movie“. His most common sound is every scream of pain or panic during the show.

Tom has evolved since he first began. On the first episodes, for example, he would stand on four feet and had the intelligence of a normal cat. But after the episode “Dog Trouble” he has become almost completely bipedal and with human intelligence. During the show, Tom is superelastic. Most of the time he explodes and gets seriously hurt but comes back every time. There are some episodes where he outsmarts and defeats Jerry.

History of Thomas “Tom” Cat

His first appearance on TV was in 1940 in the MGM animated shortPuss Gets the Boot“. In that short, he was known as Jasper but it was changed to Thomas “Tom” for his next appearance in “The Midnight Snack“.

As stated before, his appearance has changed through the years, to get to the bipedal and smart cat. 

The Tom and Jerry series ran on 164 6-10 minutes short episodes from 1940 to 1958.  This was the original series that William Hanna and Joseph Barbera wrote for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Many spinoffs and series have been created after that.

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