Why do Dogs eat Poop and How to Make Yours Stop

Why do Dogs eat Poop and How to Make Yours Stop

Why do Dogs eat Poop

The truth is that when asked why do dogs eat poop, our answer is that it is within their instincts. In other words, dogs were made to literally eat everything on their way, even if that is absolutely gross. But, even if we get grossed out, it is actually a common habit for dogs.

But the reasons why dogs eat poop, either somebody else’s or their own can have many causes. Today, we will be covering some of them and, based on that, try to find ways to keep your dog from doing so.

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Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why do dogs eat poop.

  • Lack of Enzymes: in the wild, a canine preys and eats the entire animal, including his guts. This allows the animal to develop enzymes that will help them take in all the nutrients. Today’s dog diet is far from this one and basically, a dog is not capable of developing enzymes to digest nutrients, so these go away with feces. Your dog has the sensation of lack of nutrients and will go ahead and eat his feces because, well, it has nutrients.
  • Parasites: if there are parasites in your dog´s system, these may be absorbing the nutrients your dog needs, making him want to get them back.
  • Certain diseases: diabetes and other thyroid issues might make your dog feel the need to feed on something else to satisfy the sensation of hunger.
  • Underfeeding: make sure you are feeding your dog just the right amount of food. A hungry dog will look for other sources of feeding himself.
  • Stress: stressed dogs may relieve stress by eating poop.
  • Hiding evidence: when a dog has been punished for pooping inside the house, they might eat it to “clear the evidence“.
  • Scavenging: dogs are scavengers by nature. When they explore and find feces, they will not be repulsed by it like us humans. If they can nibble it, they will go for it.
  • Boring pooch: if your dog spends too much time alone at home, he will find ways to entertain himself. If a piece of poop happens to be on the way, he will go for it as a way of passing time and getting a treat in the process.

How To Make your Dog Stop Eating Poop

Now that we know why what we really want to know is how to keep your dog from doing it.

  • Make sure you clean after your dog as soon as possible. This will cut temptation right from the start and your dog will never develop the habit.
  • His diet must include sources of proteins. If he is not getting them in proper amounts, he will find himself wanting. Raw food contains those enzymes that you do not find in commercial food but that your dog still needs.
  • Play with your dog and stimulate him both physically and mentally.
  • Check your dog´s stool for parasites.

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