Alessandra Ambrosio and her Stylish Maltese

Alessandra Ambrosio and her Stylish Maltese

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is today one of the most recognized top models in the world. She was a Victoria’s Secret angel from 2000 to 2017. In 2012, she ranked number 6 in highest-paid models, with an estimated $6.6 million that year.

The media believes that she is one of the sexiest women alive and we do not disagree. She was chosen as one of 2007 People magazine’s “100 most beautiful People in the World“.

However, the one thing that we love about Alessandra is not her beautiful face or gorgeous body. We think that Lola, her beautiful Maltese takes all the prizes in beauty!

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When Lola Came

Alessandra Ambrosio is the mother of two kids. Nine-year-old Anya, when younger made a special request to her mother while at the zoo. She really wanted to take home a dog, but not the kind of dog you are thinking.

She wanted to take home a sea dog, from the zoo! A really tiny one. Now, obviously, Anya did not get to bring a sea dog home. Next day, they welcomed Lola to the family. The family grew in number with this beautiful Maltese.

Lola and Her Controversial “Dress”

Back in 2012, Alessandra Ambrosio was involved in a major controversy concerning celebrity pooch Lola. The usually white Maltese was dressed in different colors.

The Brazilian supermodel works hard on keeping works hard on her image, even when she is not on the runway. This includes children and pets.

This time, Alessandra went on a family stroll with husband, kids, and her now pink Lola!  This change of image in Lola caused some rage from several animal rights activists. The pup probably looked gorgeous on Lola, but Alessandra probably did not stop to think that the dye could be toxic to her pup.

Despite the media rage, Alessandra did not seem too worried. But the truth is that Lola is happy living with her celebrity family.

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