Alexis Sanchez and his passion for his two dogs

Alexis Sanchez and his passion for his two dogs

Alexis Sanchez

If there is someone that is passionately loving of his pets, that is Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean forward from Arsenal Football Club and the National Team continuously shares silly photos of himself with his two dogs.

Sanchez’s contract with Arsenal expires next year. But the fans are not willing to let him go that easily. The last resource they have taken hand of is to show affection for Alexis’s two dogs. The stadium has shown fans holding billboards with a picture of the forward and his two dogs.

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The Dogs

Alexis Sanchez’s dogs are two Golden Retriever named “Humber” and “Atom”.  Alexis has shown pictures on his Instagram about the time he got them as puppies. Since then they have been inseparable friends.

It is known that both dogs travel with him during his flights between England and Chile.  In many of his pictures in social media, he shares how much he loves his two dogs.

Humber and Atom are definitively a part of his family and he treats them both as such.  Now, as much as we know that these dogs are the faithful companions of the wonder boy, we also want to know what the names mean.

He explained some time ago the meaning of this dogs’ names.  “Atom is one of the characters of a movie called ‘Real Steel’…the robot is pretty old and apparently useless, but when he starts to fight, he beats the world’s best robots. I like the movie so much that I thought of calling my first dog ‘Atom.'”

My other dog, Humber, reminds me of my brother “Humberto”. My brother is a very sweet guy, just like Humber. They both enjoy staying at home or watch football on TV. This is why I decided to call my other dog Humber“, he also explained.

Alexis Sanchez Adores His Dogs!

Alexis has even starred in a publicity video with his two dogs. The commercial was for the brand Master Dog.

But it does not end there. He has graven the names of his two dogs in his cleats. As if that were not enough, he even created an Instagram account for them.

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