Aussie: Cool Facts you did not Know About the Aussie

Aussie: Cool Facts you did not Know About the Aussie


Yes, we are talking about the Australian Shepherd dog, or “Aussie” as it is also known.  We have also mentioned some interesting facts about this dog breed but we also felt we had not honored these majestic dogs properly.

So here we are again with a dog that truly represents in our hearts. Because this high-stamina guardian and herding dog is pretty worth it.

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Some Things to Remember

Let´s remember that the Australian Shepherd dog is a working, smart, and exuberant type of dog. Everything about this majestic dog is strong and powerful. They are highly devoted to their people. The closer they can get to you, the better it is.

If you are planning on getting an Aussie to simply leave him to himself in a backyard, you should get yourself another breed. This one will fight to be on the photo album.

How Much to Have an Aussie at Home?

If you want to get your arms around these cuties, you can do by a price that goes from $300 to $600. As usual, we recommend you get your puppies from certified and responsible breeders that can guarantee a pure line with no genetic abnormalities.

Puppies born in backyards or mills cannot give you this guarantee. Either way, your best option is to adopt a pooch and help a homeless one get a loving home.

Cool Facts About the Aussie

Now with the cool facts:

  • Do you want a barking, bored, and destructive dog?  Leave him by himself in a yard all day and put him on your lap at night.
  • Due to their herding instincts, they will nip at children, other pets, or car tires.
  • It’s the 16th most popular dog registered in the AKC.
  • The breed as we know it is original from the United States, not Australia.
  • The popularity of the Australian Shepherd dog increased after WWII with the Western-style horse-riding.
  • The Aussie is so versatile that it can help humanity in every way possible.

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