Cat Paws: Let’s see some Fascinating Facts About Cat Paws

Cat Paws: Let's see some Fascinating Facts About Cat Paws

Cat Paws

So, recently I was able to see the paws of my kitten from under the glass table in the living room. They really are the cutest thing ever. But what’s up with cat paws? There must be more than what meets the eye. They are cats after all!

If you have a cat at home, take some time to examine their paws, if they let you. You might notice some interesting features in them. Some that you probably overlooked in the past. With no more further ado, check out these pretty fascinating facts about cat paws.

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Fascinating Facts About Cat Paws

Cats Walk on their Tiptoes

Cats are digitigrade, which means that they, in fact, walk on their paws, with the “palm” risen. The fact that they tiptoe makes agiler when it comes to walking, stalking, and hunting. They are also quieter when walking, making them stealthier.

Cat Paws are Sensitive

This is the reason why cats will pull back when you try to rub them. They are extremely sensitive. The pads are full of nerve endings that allow them to fell pressure, texture, and even vibrations through their paws.

They are also pretty sensitive to heat, pressure, and pain. This is why you must be careful when taking out your cat outside for a walk.

Cat Paws are Shock Absorbers

Not only do cat paws allow them to walk without making a sound, they also absorb the shock of a fall.

Cats Sweat Through Their Paws

Just like in humans, sweating in cats is a mechanism to help them cool off. Unlike humans, though, they do not sweat through all their skin but through their paws.

Colors May Vary

Most of the time, the color of the pads matches the color of the cat they come in. This is because the pigment that gives cats its fur color is the same that colors their paws.

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