Daffodils – Dangerous Plants for dogs and cats

Daffodils - Dangerous Plants to Try


Daffodils are flowering bulbs that predominate during the spring. They are also known as daffadowndilly, narcissus, and jonquil. All these names actually refer to a genus composed of approximately 50 species.

It is thought that daffodils have been cultivated since the beginning of human civilization. They have been long celebrated in literature and art and are associated with different cultures and as a symbol for spring.

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Characteristics of Daffodils

Daffodil refers to a genus of perennial herbaceous and bulbiferous plants. The plant grows from an underground bulb. They can reach heights of 5-80 cm, depending on the species.

Each plant has one single flower stem, known as scape. The leaves are narrow and green or blue-green in color. At the end of the leaf, you usually see one flower or a cluster of flowers.

The flowers are usually white or yellow and conspicuous. Sometimes, the flower can be both yellow and white or even green. They can stand down or be erect.

Toxicity to Dogs and Cats

The most common cause of pet poisoning by Daffodils happens when they have access to the bulb, which contains the highest amount of toxins. Pets can also get intoxicated by inhaling the dust from the bulbs, which can destroy the mucous membrane and the respiratory tract.

This plant contains several alkaloids, including crystalline lycorine and calcium oxalate.  These are the substances that may cause distress to your pet if consumed. Chewing it can cause irritation of the mouth, tongue, throat, and esophagus.

Symptoms of Daffodil Poisoning

The lycorine in Daffodils can cause stomach pain, vomiting in dogs and cats, diarrhea in dogs and cats, and irregular heart beating. The bulbs and the flowers contain calcium oxalate, which will cause intense pain in the mouth, tongue, lips, and throat.

Daffodil poisoning will cause heart irregularities, difficulty swallowing, and respiratory disease.  If you believe that your dog or cat has ingested any part of the daffodils, take him to the veterinarian immediately.

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