Dog Training Collars: Important Information About them

Dog Training Collars: Important Information About them

Dog Training Collars

When you notice that conventional methods for training your dog are not working, you might want to give a try to dog training collars. Basically, these collars use a low electric shock to help promote positive behavior and deter unwanted behavior.

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What are Remote Dog Training Collars

A remote dog training collar allows you to train your dog from a distance, usually 20 feet. Through a system of electrical shock, you can stimulate proper behavior in your dog and help him deter unwanted.

It usually consists of:

  • A remote transmitter
  • A collar
  • Collar probes

The main premise of training dog collars is that the stimulation caused by the electric shock will serve as an unwanted distractor. This will help your dog focus on your commands as a way to prevent the discomfort.

How do They Work?

When you activate the transmitter, the receiver in the collar passes on a slight electric current to your dog. Dog training collars usually consist of two collar probes that must be in contact with the neck of the dog in order to pass on the electrical stimulus.

The purpose of the electrical stimulation is to distract your dog by delivering an unpleasant but not hurtful electrical shock. Some people define this shock as the static you get when touching a metal cabinet after rubbing your feet on the rug.

Choosing the Proper Dog Training Collars

There are some factors that you should zero in before picking a dog collar for your own pet.  Consider the following:

  • The type of training. Do you intend to teach your dog basic commands or more complex ones?
  • Range. Decide if you will be training your dog at short distances or on open fields.
  • The size of your dog.
  • Water resistant dog training collars are special for training in water.
  • The intensity of the stimulation will depend on the size and weight of your dog.

Remember to always be responsible with your dog. Try the lowest electrical intensity before starting the training and increase as the dog receives the stimulus.

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