Paris Hilton and Her Very Lucky Toy Pups

Paris Hilton and Her Very Lucky Toy Pups

Paris Hilton

We probably all know how lavishing of a life Paris Hilton likes to have. The heiress of the hotel empire has no restraint when it comes to spending.

Luckily for some pets, Paris Hilton sees no measure when it comes to spending for her pets. She loves her pups and makes sure that they get to have the same luxuries she does.

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The Dogs of the Heiress

Paris Hilton loves to have pooches and she seems to not be able to have enough of them. These dogs live in a kind of luxury that you and I can only dream of.

More recently, in October last year, Paris added a tiny Chihuahua, worth $8K, to the family.  Diamond Baby is the name of this new pooch that can actually fit in one hand. She and the rest of the pups are always ready for a picture to post on Instagram (@Hiltonpets).

Diamond Baby comes to take the place of Tinkerbell, Paris’s most popular dog that passed away in 2015. Paris was devastated.

The new Chihuahua is used to nothing but the best. In fact, during flights, she goes up, up, in private flights. All worthy of the little queen she is.

Diamond Baby and her doggy siblings have a recurrent appearance in the heiress’s Snapchat and she actually has her own Instagram account.

The Doggy Mansion

But this is not all. Of course, the dogs of doggy mommy have to live in the best home.  Paris Hilton’s dogs live in a luxurious two-story mansion. In August this year, Paris introduced the luxury mansion where her pets live.

My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it,” Hilton (36)  shared on her Instagram with a set of illustrative pictures.

As she says, the mansion has all the luxuries worthy of Paris Hilton. It has a human-sized door to allow the heiress-turned-dj to get inside and spend time with her pups.

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