Cat Hammock: choosing the best for your friend

Choosing the Best Cat Hammock for Your Friend

Cat Hammock

You have seen the scenario. Getting your cat a pretty fancy and expensive bed or cat hammock just to watch him go to sleep on the rug or sofa. All that money to waste!

If you are planning on getting your cat a hammock, there are some things that you must take into consideration. Once you get it, make sure you make him use it.

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A Few Things to Consider When Getting a Cat Hammock

When you are getting a cat hammock for the first time, there are many things that you need to take into account. Probably the first thing is how much room you have and how is this hammock going to occupy this space.

Also, is your cat skittish or a sleeping potato? The quality of the hammock you get might also be determined by where will you be placing it: outside or inside your house.

Last, but certainly not least, your budget is important.  You get basic hammocks but you can also have some luxury hammocks available.

Types of Cat Hammocks

There are different types of hammocks out there for you to choose from. It all rounds up to what your cat needs and your space availability.

Cat window hammocks are probably your best choice. They are affordable and provide your cat with a nice outside view while he is relaxing. Your cat will be nicely perched on the window while he scans the outdoors.

A cat hammock with stand is pretty convenient since you can place it anywhere at any time.  This is convenient if you want to change the location of the hammock in favor of shade or sunlight.

A cat tree hammock is probably the most common. If you buy a cat tree, you might as well get one with a nice hammock.

Hanging hammocks can come in a variety of forms. You can get a wall hammock, a chair hammock, or an outdoors hammock.

How to Make Your Cat Use the Hammock

If your cat has never been in a hammock before you should take it slow. Getting in the hammock and then this one swinging is not the nicest feeling for a cat. So, start by placing it on the safe floor until your cat gets used to it.

Once your cat gets used to it, you can hang it. Add some treats to the hammock so that your cat relates it to something nice. If possible, spray some cat calming spray to make the hammock more soothing.

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